3000 Series

The LAICA 3000 series water filter jugs offer you value for money whilst still providing excellent features for the price range. They are elegant and come in white and other fashionable colours. It's the first and only water filter collection that has matching beakers to colour-up your life.


Stream Line

Laica Stream 3000 series colour edition gives you high quality, elegance and functionality in the colours you love.

  • Italian design
  • Cover and handle with coloured finishing (available in 6 colours)
  • Ergonomic handle
  • “QuickFill” opening for a fast filling
  • Easily storable in the fridge door
  • The removable electronic indicator shows when it is time to replace the cartridge
Suitable for the
fridge door
Removable cartridge life indicator
Automatic “QuickFill”-lid


  • Art.
    J431H - Yellow
    J432H - Green
    J433H - Orange
    J434H - Lavander
    J435H - Pink
    J406H - White
  • Total capacity2.3 L
  • Filtered water1.2 L